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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week 7 - MTC

Ok a short one for like the BEST week yet, but i have run out of time :/! 

first, GC!!!!!! The greatest weekend! Oh my goodness what an inspiring and incredible time that was! I hope you all enjoyed those messages. I hope you found some sweet answers and wonderful revelation there! I hope you got to watch all the sessions too because they were inspiring! In the philippines they watch them this weekend so that would have been fun to be there nad watch it twice but ok-lang :)! I have 5 more days in America! Opo!!! Oi grabbe!  

This week ive met a ton of incredible people. First on Sunday after GC we ate dinner with the MTC second counselor and His wife Bro and Sis Burtosos (something like that mom will you fix that for wbsite haha idk spellin). They are so awesome like two young adults at heart i love them! Bro burtoso leaned in and was like "wanna know a secret" and his wife is like "dnoit you tell him" then he smiels and says "im going to tell them" haha and then he says "so toniught we are going to have alittle fun after all the meetings this weekend, we are having vocalpoint for our sunday devitional!" Oh my lanta not way! It was INCREDIBLE! so we left right then with them and got front row eeats haha! it was incredible at the end they finished with nearer my god to thee" the vocal point version that SO PWRFUL!!!!! 

on tues Sister Linda Burton (the general relief society president of the church) spoke in our tues devo about the magnitude of the fact that we have a Living prophet of god on earth and He is the head of our church! (reference to scripts and to elder bednars GC talk and pres Monson's) 
It was incredible bc after Sister Giles and I snuck down and gave Sister burton a Hug, she was booming with this incredible light of christ, of my goodness I started to tear up the spirit was so strong in her. She told us to "go tear it up in the PHI" :) I love the enthusiasm of our church leaders :)

On thurs we ate lunch with President and Sister Burgess the MTC Pres that was really special I love them! They are the sweetest people! 

Also our president, pres. Howard and his wife are the BEST! I will miss them dearly!!! He opened the mission in the PHI way back when! He literally brought the church therer and has the randest stpories about how it all started so we are caring on his legacy :)!!!

Well i cant wait to be in the Pines and will send pictures from the field next week! LOVE YOU TONS!!!! Remember we are in the business of bringing souls unto slavation, and this is no small task, so Trust in God and Pray Always!!!! :)

Mahal kita everyone,

Sister Owen

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