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Friday, June 10, 2016

By the Power of God continued

Ok enough about food haha! I promise Im eating healthy and good! Bc missionary work is a spiritual, physical, and mental effort! Sister Hammond adn I do splits to go running in the mornings :) WE run to the BEACH, pero keep nakalimutan my camera so sian ;/ next week ill send a pic. I got called Mom by a passer by this week, i get called lots of things but that was weird haha... I was like "anak" which is to say "child" we had a good laugh! Sis Vea always makes it a good time. We were walking home the other night and I look up and the stars here are like 3D so bright :) and I see the little dipper and say: "Hey its the little dipper look at that" and she goes "woah is that a dipper?" hahaha ok maybe you had to be there but boy it sounded like dad joke haha! so now we keep saying "woah SisV is that a dipper" 

Another great story. We went to teach our investigator Esmi. An old 72 yr old that live with her 3 sisters who are all 60+ and all so beautful old ladies and very sweet. SHe is a loom weaver (in the pic) They make table clothes, bed sheets, rags, etc. We taught her and are so excited to cont bc they are very open and accepting Pero her sis is a super catholic as i like to call them. And she comes in half btwn our lesson adn sits in and was so excited about our message and just starts saying "by the power of God' "by the power of God... By the power of God your here" "By ' ' ' ' you are sharing this message, " " " " we are children of God" then she said "By the Power of God you are in the Philippines... ( & I added ) " yes and a very long plane and bus ride" Another good laugh there :)
She really loves saying that though so now everytime we have a miracle or awesome experience we say "BY the Power of God"... hey its true de ba? :)

Well family this is the time when my fingers start to hurt and start  to cramp up and i keep seeing the time winding down adn think i still have everything to tell you, pero ill end with a wonderful experience this week.

First in the picture we are getting a ride home from My Favorite investogator of ours Mark Darwin :) Hes sitting on the front og the tricy and is 15. He is getting baptized on Dec 8 :)))))) He reminds me of Junior so much! Hes amazing! He lives with his older brother and his family who are members. His brother brought him here bc he saw him stuggling at home with friends and drinking such an awesome brother and MArk is so humble and reads and comes to church adn prays araw-araw!!!! I love progresssing!!!!

I learned so much this week. I got to fast this week and it was incredible to see the power in fasting. I received so many answers, and had so mcuh more time to study and pray it was a beaufitul exp. During which i came across a talk by elder Mervyn B Arnold of the 70 called "Where Am I? lll end with the quote that inspired me a lot:
"It's what you do with what you have that makes you what you are"

Let us recognize all we have and all weve been given before we et upset or frustrated with what we dont have. Use your gifts and talents and grow in them and gain more :) HEavenly father has so much he wants to offers us we just have to ask and work :)

I love you all have a wonderful week! 

Mahal na mahal kita!!!!!! :)))))

Sister Owen 

  We love Mark Darwin.  on then front

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