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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tribute to Mom - FIVE MORE DAYS in the MTC

Hey mom! Have I ever told you I love you like really really love you! In all my life I don't think i have told you enough and I know I have definitely not shown it enough! But I truly do and I appreciate so much being able to call you my Mom! I definitely started to bawl in Hollands talk and of course was thinking "um ya this is the truth... and this is my mom 100%" Mom I wouldn't be where I am or who I am had it not been for the guidance of my spectacular parents! And you're divine love and charity! So clearly i see love love of christ in you! In your humility! And life! I love you forever and find joy in the eternal journey of life we get to travel together bc you are my best friend and I know God sent me to you for His great plan! :)

So yes its insane i have 5 more days in America what in the world! I am SO excited to be in the PHI tho! um quickly so i have time for my group message, but I eat grapefruit here like every morning mmm! not as good as az at all though haha, i eat it plain and everyone freaks out bc they think thats crazy and bitter hahaha i was like i grew up on  grapefruit haha! also language is going good its hard work but theres a diff between hard work and hardships. :) I love tagalog! Its hilarious bc sister giles and I have a hard time controlling our laughter sometimes, but the hardest is when we say prayers bc we pray in tagalog and the words just sound so funny and man i know god has a sense of humor for creating these languages :)! I know this is a great language for me to its so happy and funny and makes ya laugh :)

Ook also ya you should prob send one of those phones with like 3 hours on it for the lay ove rin LAX
and ya really sad for haley and adam tahts so hard :'(. And ya ill addd dad!

Also what happened to your arm and shoulder?@?!?!?!?! And so good to hear dads doing better!!! :) sorry i never asked? Is everything alright?

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