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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week 2 MTC

This week was SOBRA MABUTI!!!!! such a growing experinece! Everyday is here! And the days are like weeksand the weeks are like days NO Jok-lang! Its so fun to hear lifes great in SL I feel like im in a different world forget Im still in provo haha! 

So Sunday and Monday I just had this building anxiety of the language and worry about how i was going to accomplish all my language goals and all my studying and gospel study and everything they ask of us here... made me panic, pero... I Have the best companion and my Heavenly Father loves me and opened my eyes! I prayed so hard for him to help me with the language, while at the same time i was thinking "sister Owen you just have to study harder and keep doing vocab etc etc" But that made me more worried... It was funny bc i put my scripture study asside and was being vlaint with that, so I realized that: the spirit was present and it always is here but I have to allow it to guide me I have to stop thinking about what i think is best to do and let the holy spirit guide (espiritu Santo) :) Mahal ko espiritu santo!!!! Mas Mabuti! I talked to Sister HAAG our old STL who left last week adn Sis Giles and the spirit was so strong as they testified that literally bad emotions and feelings are OF THE DEVIL and WE MUST learn to control these feelings a set them aside and grasp the good things and get on with the joy and happiness this life offers us! I realized that the spirit is here more than we know and as i dismiss all worry or anxiety and hold to the greatness and glory of God I am led by the spirit and receive the gift of tongues! Its amzing! Now this week my tagalog has increazssed SO MUCH! Its miraclulous nothing short of a miracle! (Read the words to the hymn Let the holy SPirit Guide and apply them to your life :)  

Also Brother Heaton the MTC advisor sat by Sister Giles and I at lunch we felt pretty cool but cooler was when he spoke on Sunday and we we're like oi grabe that's our friend! haha He is amazing tho really Loves missionaries and his job! He spoke on the importance of recognixing the spirit (is that a coincidance for what I needed I dont think so)!!!! gods handis in everything! He is SO investedin our lives its great! Sometiomes I love to feel as though hes caring me along and his love is so strong :)!

The language I LOVE IT! My diostrict we lauigh a lot and are all best friends now its great! My roomates are fantastic and we all want to room when we get home from thwemissions! For SURE!!!!!! cant wait!! OPO! OPO! Tara Na! hahaha

Elder Motrenson and I have the same Schedule so we see each other a ton! YAY! H hugged me and everyone freaked out in the cafeteria eek haha but ok lang because God understands and we are one with him first! Its so fun to be here with him!

SOme of my fave tagalog is: Oi grabe (expression like oh boy), ano? (what-a district joke), at Jok-lang (jk) haha love you all use these great phrases! 

Everyone thinks I sleep talk and now the Elders in our neighboring disctict Elder Frie, Elder Iglekski (from Mesa did EVMCO with me), always pretend like im sleep talking like alsways Hindi Ko Alam ano gawin haha!  It is pretty funny!

ALso 100% obedience = miraclesand I really need those so sorry Im not trying to find any family or anything but Im just staying focused and dont remeber honestly to look and prob shouldnt but if we run into thatd be awesome :)! 

Our district was getting sick but we forced everyone to takle meds so we healed them we said you cant just "have" faith bc James 2:17 haha so youve gotta do something aka take this medicine! we also prayed hrd andwe are all good now :)! YAY!

Its been the BESt week yet :)! Seriously cant beleive how time flies and we have 4 more weeks til we leave Oct 15!!!! Woohooo!

Mahal Kita pamillya ko! May Mabuti lingo! 

sister Owen
Forget yourself and go to Work!!!!!! 

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