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Friday, June 10, 2016

“Pray On"

What a week! Wow, so first we had EXCHANGES! I went to Santa Domingo with Sister Staples :) Pero forgot my camera sorry. Pero I learned a TON form our STL she helped me really get on track for Language study and do it more effectively! I HAVE THE FIRST VISIONDOWN YES!!!!! Hindi ko alam pero sobrang mahiriap iyan para akin! Pero ngayon perpekto! 

Wednesday was exchanges. I also realized just how I need to teach more simply and powerfully we call it kisap (keep it simple and powerful). Sister staples sis awesome and gave me lots of help and it was refreshing to be in a different area and get ideas that will help our area! Also I fell in love with these pressious girls she is teaching! They are 3 sisters who are 6,7,&8 and are so intune with the spirit and LOVE the gospel its touching I cried when the oldest siter prayed it was amazing. 

Thurs we had a weird day, We started our first lesson and then a huge crowd of people came to the house and were all staring at me saying "awh americano, wow pintas.." It was hard bc we really could teach the lesson especially when this crazy old lady came in and started dancing and telling me i was her best friend ha it was an interesting but pretty hilarious moment. She was insane and apparently is the gambling queen in that Baranguay (village). Sige po haha. 

We are teaching our neighbors the Del Rosarios they are less actives (not the family whose house we stay in thats the Rosarios lang) and their kapid-bahay Nanay Gudy. Nanay Gudy is MY FAVORITE. Friday was a hard day, one of those ones where you get discouraged with the language and then have little success and feel like going home... pero we ended with a lesson at their home and Nanay just sat and massaged my hands the whole time after when we were jsut talking. Then last night she gave us cookies (oreos called bingo here) and Pepsi. Nana Im think im gonna drink more pepsi than you ever hve by the end of my mission haha prob the whole owen family combine ha... i hope not i really hate it i literally just chug it and then eat the food haha. 

well My dearest fam and friends I love you all! I take great happiness in the amazing tender mercies of the Lord Eveery Single Day! Hes amaizng! My new Favorite Script to Ponderize this week is 2 COR 12:10! Awh all of paul is inspiring and uplifting! He exemplifies true discipleship and how in every moment and choice we can always look to Christ example and examine His way to know how we need do things and what to do! 

We ended the week last night and accomplished our gaols of 30 lessons :)! Its was incredible to be able to do that with Sis Vea shes so excited and we have such a wonderful friendship io lvoe her! We found a man named Romeo Andrada (our pres last name so maybe related) whio ehard us singing the opening hmn in our lesson and decided he wanted to learn bc he wants to chagne his life hes sic of his sins. Hes golden and what a blessing it was toi be inspired to start with a hymn. I love the power of music :)! We have abapt for MArk Darwin and many more coming his is Dec 19 and like 5 on dec 28 :)

I LOVE THIS WORK! I love my SAvior Jesus Chisrt and HEaenly fAther and the Spirit and this life adn all our oppurtunities! May we go forth with faith! 

Ingate mahal pamilya! 

Sister OWEN

  This is our house.  We are so blessed.  Sister Vea

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