Children of the Pines


Friday, June 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Hillary

HAPPY FLIPPING BIRTHDAY HILLARY!!!!!!! I FLIPPING LOVE YOU AND SENT A LETTER HOME! SANA IT GETS THERE BEFORE I GET THERE HA pero I LOVE YOU!!!! I hope you had the greatest bday and oh ya it was thanksgiving i totlaly forgot haha well thats good cuz i wouldve been distracted pero I hope it was delicious and wonderful!  But I didn't forget about your Bday Sis I am so sorry i didnt mention it last week tho! I sang to you about 5 times and we celebrated with you bc here it was Sister Miriati's (meedeeawhs) birthday!!!! Did you dance to the T Swift song? :) 22!!! Woohoo that's unreal!

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