Children of the Pines


Friday, June 10, 2016

“By the Power of God"

Hello po mga tao! Kumusta ang buong lingo n'yo? Mahal na mahal ko kayo! :) 

Its was a wonderful week! so this week we had maraming dinner apt. :) That means GOOD Pinoy Food! Buhay! It was masarap! First we had a dinner at the Rosario's. It was sister Rosarios bday thurs. We actually live next store to them, bc our house is their extra house they let the missionaries live in. Its very nice this is the best house of the whole mission so they say ;). They are so so sweet and sis rosario reminds me of you mom! As you can see in the pic the food is on banana leaves on the table, and you Eat With You Hands :)))) ITS THE BEST HAHA! And you have to eat like all the rice about 2 ft long in front of you. you better believe we were full haha! Best muscles ive ever eaten :)! Dad would have loved it! We also had FHE with the Villenueva family and they fed us a classic pinoy dish that is savory oatmeal. They even sell it Quaker brand here with beef and meat in it. It was masarap. They also gave us these DELISH Japaneses rolls that taste like ebalskevers (hindi ko alam spelling there) with cheese in the middle. We also had a dinner for this sisters bday they had the sweet spaghetti (pinoy fave they ell it everywhere). Lumpia with chicken, also beef lumpia, cinnamon lumpia, banana sugar lumpia, pb&j lumpia, the list goes on haha. Lumpia is so good. Oh we made some masarap spinach smoothies too this week :)! And guess what they have a ton of gelly drinks here with the bobba balls in them. They called black pearl drinks SO GOOD! 

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