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Friday, June 10, 2016

Maligayang Pasko !

Sige so pamilya at mga kaibigan! Sobrang masaya ako para apportunidad magsulat sa inyo ngayon araw! Pagpapala na ito sa email! Awh exciting news! First SKYPE! Its only like 25 days away... well actually president said anytime in dec for an hour :)! Yippee! Buhay! Dalhil isipin ako ng skype 45 min lang pero hindi! 

Sry tagalog later para mas naintindihan ng email ko! :) 

SO We can skype in dec for an hour so start thinking when? it'll be a day ahead and I think like 12 hrs ahead here di ba? so excited to see your faces :)!

Ok so this week was harder but I learned SO MUCH! God really brings us to hard times because he knows we have room to grow! I know that's sooo true and we can learn so so much as we humble ourselves and seek his guidance and direction. The saying "work harder not smarter" has really been a huge lesson of this week. We did so much work but little teaching which is the way as missionaries we accomplish our goals and purpose. I also realized how we can strnethen our spiritual talents and gifts. They are so important and so necessary and wonderful! I have relaly seen the gifft of tongues so much this week! I am starting to understand speak and "get" the tagalog more this week! It's important to recognize that we have gifts but we have to Be Believing and work to us and grow the gifts and talents we have! 

More good news... I had a reunion with all my elders from provo :)!    SO fun to see there faces! We had a good time laughing about the struggles together and sympathizing with each other! We've all had some great and not so great times and cant wait to get better at tagalog! our district is still the best there ever was haha long live district 15H!! :) 

Even better news... NO TRANSFERS in our apartment! We all get to stay here in Vigan for Christmas (Maligayan Pasko = Merry Christmas!) I am so so happy! We are all best friends!  So exctied to be here all the members are planning christmas parties for us and we have a branch chirstmas party and plus im gonna make crepes when we have lock down chirstmas eve at the apt :)!

I love you all times up so have the best week ever! thank you for the prayers and love! I love you so much! I am so incredible grateful to be here to be doing this work there is no greater joy! To give all my time and energy to Him who has given me all I am and the chance to live and be and receive eternal happiness! 

mahal ko kayo
sister owen

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