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Friday, June 10, 2016

“Even as I am"

Dinner at a nice restaurant                                      And yes those are real chics

Hello I am so happy to hear from you all today! I love you all and am grateful for your continued support prayers love and examples! I have been more than blessed in my life to have such an incredible family and friends! It has been a slow week in Vigan but nonetheless a wonderful one. 

This week I got sick (dont worry mom all is well). Im pretty sure it was a small case of Dengue pero I dont like going t =o the hospital and we had work to do so I waqs stubborn about that :/... pero I realized it wasnt really doing me any good bc I had to walk at snails pace and was bascially soaked through in sweat. Tuesday we rested and I bascially slept for 24 hours then Brother Rosario gave me a blessing :) I knew then that heavenly father didnt want me to be sick and knew that he needs me to get to work! I dont have time to be sick and I know as I do everything that the Father needs of me he has blessed me with great health and will continue to as I continue to lose myself in his work. sister andrada wanted me to still get checked for dengue so I did but that was on Friday when i felt pretty much better and the blood test was negative and my platelets were like 305 :)! Yata mabuti iyan ( i think that is good)! haha :)

Oh ps so sorry if i didnt ever do a translation i thought i had been. 

So this week I am so so exctied we have Marks baptism on saturday :)!!!! And his birthday was yesterday and he turned 16 :) His family didnt do anything "awan daw" (nothing he said) when i asked "kamusta(how is/was) ang birthday celebration mo(your)?" We were so sad so we got him a card and decorated it with scriptures and stickers and gave him a picture of christ and printed one of us and his family and mom I gave him one of those shirts you gave me. He LOVED it :)! He couldnt stop smiling seriosuly they are so grasteful here for the simplest things! For his binyag we are giving him a tie and a journal! I am so very excited! 

We had excahnged again this week for the tranfer crazy how time is blowing. I was with Sister Kong this time she is form down south PHI in Mindanaw (where James was, which is very dangerous btw was he ok). She is the sweetest sister ever like an angel and talks so sweetly too :). It was wonderful. We taught our new investigators who are a referral from our neighbors son Brigham Rosario. Theyre his 2 classmates Angelica and Charlenne :)! They are preparing for baptism on Jan 30th :) 

sige well I truly am so grateful for this week! I love how even in our weakest moments the Lord is so merciful to bless us and strengthen us! He truly is caring us along! I love him and his erfect plan! We ended the week with the christmas devo last night and i thought of the family as it desplayed the SLC temple :) and  allthe chirstmas lights! :) I know that this gospel that I have been called to preach in the PHIs is the "glad tidings of great joy" that the angels told of so long ago! The message of our dear savior Jesus Christ! I can feel that same joy of Christmas here so far from home as I lose myself and find my Savior and share his LIGHT with ALL!!!!

May we give the gift of Christ to everyone God puts in our path (and that's a lot if you just look around :)! I know this is His work and His glory! I know that it brings the great jouy and everlasting happiness and how blessed I am to be in His service! I love you all I love my Savior Jesus Christ and pray you might all come closer to Him this Christmas season! Maligayang pasko family and friends! 

Mahal ko kayo,
Sister Owen :) 

pasensya wala pcitures this week! but lots nxt week!

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