Children of the Pines


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hello From the Pines

Hello family! I have arrived! Its Friday Oct 23 here in Laoag!

So we had two canceled flight so they sent us up on a bus it was a 10 hour flight woohoo! haha BUt we are all safe a happy and the storm didnt even hit here president said and no damage seen so all good :)! I love you all this is a crazy experience that bus ride was insane i would just  start laughing out loud sometimes because it was so fast through these tiny towns and they just honk and you pray everyone gets out of the way. So we are at the mission home today and we will meet our trainers gabi tonight and Ill write to you this coming pday on the incredible and indesctribable week im having awh! haha I love you this is the greatest work ever i lvoe these people. Gift of tongues im seeing more and more araw-araw! I can naintindihan mas. :)
sige mahal ko kayo! bye bye po!

Sister Owen

ps got your package thank you thank you! What is Sabulong btw?
So I hope the birthday is wonderful and  I hope utah and az have been
great! So fun your in az for a while! For birthday :)! This morning
Sis Giles left at 4:45 to her mission adn that was the hardest part of
my mission Thus far! I cant even begin to explain the blessing she has
been! I LOVE HER and miss her but we are going to tear it up out here!
So its not pday but bc we are suppose to be in laoag there wasnt plan
for us to be here so pres allowed us to email :) so awesome! Here in
the manilla mtc there is about 200 missionaries compared to provo with
about 2000! So here I have already met about everyone its
pinakamabuti!!!! On the 21 hr plane ride over (yes it was horrible and
idk if ill be coming bck to america haha) I got to give our a book of
mormon and had some Sweet experiences! IT WAS AMAZING (as much as I
didnt like riding in a plane that long) But it was with all my bros
and sis from provo so we all had a fun time! :)

I wish I could be there ngayon to give you a hug, but for now ill do
it via spirit and email :) I hope your birthday is AMZAING! I am so
good in Manilla! our group to laoag is not going until tmrw bc of the
storm so everyone left this morning to their missions and we got to
the airport and to the gate and it got canceled perop ok-lang dahil we
dorve back(craziest flipping drivers in the pine oi grabbe i mean mom
you are like the best driver ever EVER compared to these people haha
love you) its like no joke race cars and jason bourne style out here
haha! Idk how i havent seen a crash it is Crazy!

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