Children of the Pines


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Heading Out to the Pines

-I never told you I am the STL haha its AMzing ive learned os much and been so humbled by the lords trust in me and love for me and guidance for me! His plan is greast! Its organized and inspired!

-totoo! Sonbrang maganada!!!! :) Salamat nanay!  perpekto! :)

-ps. in reply to your other email! Ill def read Alma 8 thank you! Another good one we read in class todya is Alma 38 as if Heavenly father is speaking to you! Pretty incredible siya (it)! Well come bck and send pics in a bit :) AWHHH GOING TO THE PINES EEEEEEH =D

-Totally! Ill talk to you tmrw at about 10ish MAHAL KO KAYO!!!!!! XOXOXOXXOXOXOXO :)))))

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