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Friday, June 10, 2016

HAPPY 2016

Pamilya at kaibigan ko! :) Hello and Happy New Year! Another week come and gone. 4 Months down this week how crazy is that! Well This was by far the BEST week of my mission thus far! 
Im going to go by days again:

Simply a good Pday. Funny moment though we got the 15 peso icecream cones from 7/11, and as we were walking down the street to get a trycie little kids came to ask for money and I put out my icecream instead as a joke, but it was no joke to them they took it straight haha and then says "Its pasko" haha too good! He enjoyed it more than I would I know :)!
We taught Sister Lisa Del Roasrio who served with Elder Matthew Olsen in Japan so thats a crazy connection and motivated her to come back to church! YES! The Lord works in wonderful ways! Got some Pamelones from sweet nanay Maria our RC (pamelones are like giatn gratefruit so masarap)
I gave that Zebra stripe gum to the little kids and an investigator and they LOVE IT! :) Oh the PHIs won Miss Universe haha. Also Burkenstauks and joggers are HUGE here! 
We visited the district leaders house (Ruiz family) its a stright filipino mansion with 3 stories and had some good Kang-kong (leaf of some sort) adobo (cook in soy sauce) masarap. Also my the gift of tongues is real and incredible and I am understanding the people SO MUCH better this week and speaking and the grammar is strating to click for me :)! YAY!

SO no sleep last night because You Americans DON'T EVEN KNOW FIREWORKS!  hahaha I Mean we are talking the world was one big bom for about an hour straight! And from our apartment room you can see in both directions so we just watched about 50  different shows it was nice for the first 10 mins then our ears started hurting and we were done haha! It wqas so beautiful though :) 
In the morning we had Flan haha Dad youd ave loved it Sister Rosario made it so good! They love it here! we also ate a sweet sticky rice that had coal in it (yes the black coal you use for fires). Sister Ruiz made it for us they all laughed when i looked shocked that it was coal i was eating bc i wasw like "Bakit ang grey culoy?" (why grey?) We also had an RM, Sister Salvador, who served here in June come work with us, and with one of our RCs Vangie today. it was incredible! I really realized how Bold i need to be with these people. A lot of them have such strong testimonies but are too shy to say it and too lazy to live it. They really need a loving push to read, or pray, or magsimba :)! She took us to so many LAs and members who we hadnt gone to. Its pretty tough with over 300 LAs in or branch so we've got work to do but what a wonderful week this week we found so many of them! And so many new really great and progressing investigators!

skip to Sunday:
The power of fasting is so real for my new years resolution I am starting to do real 24 hour fast ever month. Wow and how incredible it is! Sister Vea and I both are! We prayed and fasted so much for these dear people and the fruits of our labors were present in church! We had 3 LA families there and so excited and it was an incredible testimony meeting! I got to bear mine in tagalog and it was amazing to look into all these peoples eyes and feel their love they are amazing I love them all so much talaga! We have transfers this week and im secretly praying i dont tranfer but ill go where he wants me to go :)! I read through "How Great Thou Art" hymn 86 my favorite and cant express the beautiful love our our Heavenly Father! He's probably so excited to see us so soon because the time is nigh! What are we doing to prepare to stand before him and make him proud! we can learn waht to do from Mormons example in Mormon 3:16
I love you all so much remember by small and simple things are great things brought to pass, that's the way the Lord has worked from the beginning! Have faith and endure each day well looking for every oppurtunity (never for problems bc the world gets too caught up in the problems)! They are all around us if well only be humble and trust Him! 

Ingat po hanggang darating lingo! 
Sister Owen! 

Ps. funny experience: Suday night a little kid peed in my shoe and i didn't know until i put it on so that was a nice surprise haha! 
pps. We had burgers for dinner !!!
oh and i made crepes for chirstmas!  

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