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Friday, June 10, 2016

“Anxiously Engaged”

Hello po pamilya! Isang Lingo tapos ulit. sobrang mabilis talaga! Namimiss ko kayo talaga!

I hope you are all having a beautiful week! I had an inspiring week! First I met one of our  recent converts who is an LA now too. His name is Ivan he is 15, hes struggling but we made a goal with Him to finish the Book of Mormon this year 2016 to help him each day. I felt like I was teaching lil Nicky and I have been praying and fasting for dear Ivan that he'll come back and come to church and he is a part member family so there is more opportunities there to teach his mother and brother din. He was hanging out with the YM and came to church this week and went to play Volleyball with the youth so lots of miracles with brother Ivan. 

On tues we had exchanges and its nice because Sister Andelin our STL (from Washington state) is in our house with sister aquino (who is in my batch from manilla mtc) so we didn't have to travel. I learned so much from sister Andelin about how it really all starts with BRT (build relationship trust). When they truly feel your interest in their life they are more likely to be interested in us and our message. Its part of loving them and seeing them the way our Savior would. The importance of the spirit in the work was also something I recognized that you are trying to help them feel that spirit to have the truth pressed upon their hearts and minds in order to have a desire to feel the Joy of the gospel through faith, repentance, binyag, receiving the holy ghost and enduring to the end! 

Thursday we got invited to a birthday of a very wealthy family nanay Uleps cousin and there were about 300+ people and I got to pray the crazy thing was I was the ONLY white person which is normal but I just havent been in such a tight space like it was being the only one haha. lots of stares but it was a great time and we had some Dugo or fried pork blood :) masarap! It wasn't bad actually! 

On Friday we met with President Andrada after weekly planning! It was so Inspiring! He helped me realize the constant effort of finding in order to always have a large pool of investigators and then you can find those who are truly prepared to be baptized. Its like a constant work. He also emphasized on how we need to be personally converted everyday in order to bring these people closer and closer to Christ as we bring ourselves din. 

I have a challenge for you all! Pray everyday for oppurtunities to sahre the gospel then take the oppurtunities when they come (follow the spirit) and then give the missioanries a referral, then email me about your experience (well you don't have toi email me but :) I know that we are commanded to take the gospel to all the world that we need to help in these later days. there are so many wasy to share the Gospel. Family History is one awesome way! Our new goal for all our members is to do Family history and prepare to tale a name on their next temple trip :)! It's powerful work and I know its part of the gathering of Israel! Oh we had the Area Presidency Conference and I loved what Brother Shayne Bowen (mom and dad I think that's the guy you were talking about) said about obeying (loving God), covenanting(making eternal promises), and establishing\(building his kingdom). We have to be anxiously engaged in this great cause! We have to wake up everyday seeking the kingdom of God and then go about doing just that amidst the school and work and play. "If you haven't chosen the Kingdom of God it mattereth not what you've chosen in the end" Luck 22:31-32  Jacob 2:17-19  3N 13: 32-34  other scripts to read: Alma 28: 14,  2 Cor 8 (Christs example)  2 N 2:8 

This week I hope you'll seek the JOY of missionary work and even fellowship with the missioarnies :))))) Hel 16: 3 YES! 

I love you all so much! Make each day count dont count the days! 

Hanggang sa muli (darating lingo)
Sister Owen 

                                                                    walking to church through the bucked

                                                                       our YSA fellowshipped Giana

                            teaching our RC si Andrea shes like our little sister LOVE HER and her baby sister

dennis the mennis is leaving on his mission hes our almost full-time fellowshipper we'll miss him 

there are the cutest puppies everywhere but we cant touch animals :/ pero our fellowshipper Eunice did for us :) (she reminds me of Bella)

Volleyball with the YSA this morning :) 

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