Children of the Pines


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hello Week 6 MTC


Great week and before i write my group email jsut wanted to say i Lvoe you all!!! 

It was a great week of enlightenment and strength here at the MTC: 
we had infield and learned all about working with the members in our areas and building the kingdom of god and zion in our areas! (zander im picking up on what you've been saying all this time, my spiritual eyes weren't opened) (and dad you're right I'm going to have to start from scratch in a lot of my areas)
So i want to invite you to read PMG chps 13 & then 9 as a fam, and then get involved in every way you can with the missionaries and start spreading the gospel!!!! Get pumped about it :)

Also so excited for our ponderizing! thank you I love that script, Sister linda Burton came Tuesday! And she shared that same script with us as i was reading your letter it was straight inspiration :) Learning it sa tagalog! And I am ponderizing santiago 1:5 for myself :) YOUR THE BEST FAMILY EVERRRRRR!!!!!!! :)))))))))

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