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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Stay On Higher Ground

sige so Sister Padillo and I are just laughing really hard bc She's the real MVP at checheboreche!  bc sis Padillo informed me that she was the basketball MVP player in highschool if you can believe it. Im pretty amazed. Bilib na bilib ako :D

Pero totoo iyan!

Well family another week of life has past. Another week of my mission. Its weird Ill be writing the date one day and then the next minute Im writing the date for the next day. Mabalis talaga! Let's see first Happy Vlentines to you all! Happy Birthday Great Nana din!

Lets see this week Sister Padillo and I worked to help Raffy and Alvin prepare for baptism. THeyll both be baptized on February 27 at it is amazing to see how they have changed and both desire to overcome their trials and come unto Christ. It trully is the "greatest joy to see a person change. It makes all of the heartache seem nothing" (words of our mission song I love). This week we almost got killed by a few dogs. They are every where here (dogs or aso) and they bark 24/7 but usually arent agressive pero this week we ran into a few pero all is good just shook us up a bit.

Funny story in the midst of saving souls, we saved the life of a goat. :) The people tie the animals (cows, goats, or dogs) up or leash them up with rope that is held in place by a stake in the ground. So this goat had fallen off a small ledge (4 ft) from where its rope was tied to its stake in the ground. SO the goat was literally hanging itself off this ledge and we saw it struggling for its life :( it was so sad so I quickly lifted it and pushed it bck up to the higher ground. Then it kept coming back closer to the ledge so Sis Padillo went and tighted its rope to not let it get to the ledge again.

And you might have already guessed but I realated this too the gospel. How we all have slipped away from our stakes (our firm foundation on Christ). We need to keep our ropes near Christ. The world would have us think we need them long so we can be "free" and have more freedom to roam pero I know as we stay close to the Savior we are safe spiritually and physically from the dangers that we and the world can't see. Stay on the higher ground close to your stake! :)  singing, studying, living, applying His teachings, praying, serving, loving, forgetting yourself and helping others come unto him :)! When our lives are centered on Christ they are filled with Joy! (Alma 33:23)

This week the language is coming the forms and the words make more sense the people are more clear. I can teach what I feel better. Its been a huge blessing. I know that by faith great miracles come and the gift of tongue is a miracle. I know too that the Lord blesses us with knowledge line upon line and its so important to be patient Ive learned the truth of tht these past 5 months :) (dad i sotle this from your message :)

I love you all! The Savior lives and let us proclaim that in every as[ect of our lives! Sty close to Him and always strive to come closer! President Eyring stated  that The invitation to Come unto Christ is the greatest invitation we could ever accpet and then the greatest we can ever extend!

Love you all!
Sister Owen :)

                              having some fun doing our hair :)

they're palnting the ride or replanting it (crazy cool process such hard workers talaga)

                                           happy Valentines from Sister Padillo, our YSA fellowshipper Giana, and I

                                                                                                   my new fave fruit Lanzones 


exchanges : sister dudley is from Australia and says i can come stay at her house when i come visist :P

malunggay grows everywhere here and is so yummy, for bfast here

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