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Friday, June 10, 2016

Ano Lingo na ito ?

Hello once again family! I love you and miss you! This week was so fast every week is and then its also so full of wonderful experiences! Ive lost coutn which week is it now? I know its been a little more than 3 months now.

So this week Im going to go day by day.
First, Monday! We had a sports festival with the Vigan 1 branch and got to hangout and play some pinoy games with everyone oh and they had a guitar (a lot of people do here) so I learned Glorious and we all sang it it was so fun! They all sing way off tune its the best but they're so passionate and get into it I love it :)! They are so happy and excited about life here! They fed us some freshly smoked fish right on the bone that's the only way it comes here. pero ive learned how to eat it so I don't get the bones. masarap! 

Tuesday was fantastic! we have two families we are teaching together bc they are kapid-bahay (neighbors)(which means they have a sheet separating their homes. Pero they're like related somehow basta they're awesome and all accepted our baptismal invitation. :) we are preparing them for January 2! 

Wednesday we visited the sweetest less active in our ward. Her name is Marlita she is handicap and crawls around their dirt floor home to get from place to place. She has a brain tumor yata and is so humble and happy regardless. She comes to church when her dad will take her or a member in her wheel chair so we are trying to find someone who will be more willing to do that each week. Adn her Dad is the only one in their family who's not a member so PM work buhay! : ) 

Thursday we had a Zone conference in Sta Domingo bc we are planning our Christmas Conference skit and song. We all go to Laoag for 2 days on the 21st &22and have a Christmas conf with President :)! So excited! The best part of today was teaching Romeo! He is the best SO prepared!(TBC) We are starting to figure out that everyone here is related. So its great for referrals! 

Friday we have weekly planning in the morning from about 8-11ish. I love weekly planning bc it literally effects our whole weeks effectiveness. ITs so important as we consider each person and follow the spirit to help them. The spirit really helps us to gain a Vision for the area, of what and how our Heavenly father wants us to carry out his work here. 

Saturday was awesome! We worked hard in the morning. Taught our lola Sister Crisencia! Shes this cute catholic na catholic lady. Pero she's so opened and accepting of the gospel we are just trying to help her understand that there is a difference (the restoration) between us and the catholic church :) Thats pretty tricky with the catholic influence here! But I feel she's so ready for this. She calls us her grand daughters its so sweet :)! I love her! Satudary night we had our adult session of our Vigan Zone Conference. President and Sister Andrada were here and Elder Villenueva of the 70. There were not many people so it was really up close and personal neat experience with elder villenueva! Also Bro. Rosario (the family whose home we live in) was his comp on their mission. It was all about ward members uniting with the missionaries in an effort to build the kingdom of God :)! Yes that is the key!!!!!
After we headed to an appointment with our fellowshipper Vangie who is an RC and she took us to a lady who used to be taught, Sister Joanne! She was so happy and lives in one of the crazy hut neighborhoods where people have literally built as many houses as they could squeeze in. Its just unbelievable how some of them live here and I just want to give them all my money :(. 

Afterwards we checked our phone and saw 3 missed calls from presidet :/ oops... He called again and said they're are waiting bc they're taking us and the other sisters to dinner :)! Haha I love President and sis Andrada! They're seriously The Pinaka!!!! We went to a place called Max's and had the best tofu and mango graham cake ever! It was so nice I couldnt beleive we were still in the Pines. President and Sister heard I like to cook and are letting me bake at Christmas :)!!! YES! So excited so Mom I Need Recipes! They are so funny and I can't wait for my tagalog to improve and I can talk more tagalog with them :)!

Sunday was the pinaka! We had our Zone Conference so the chapel was actually almost full. The meeting was really focused on Sabbath Day observance, tithing, and obedience! They stressed how these things are going to take the vigan area from a District to a stake! That'll be the day :)! THE BEST WAS... ROMEO & Mark Darwin were there :)!!!! Romeo showed up all shaved and clean cut in CHURCH CLOTHES after he told us he didnt have any and we were like dont worry just your best :)! He was a little nervous because we had him meet President Andrada bc siyempre they might be family :)! but he told us later Sunday night that he was so grateful because this message is changing his life in every way. What an incredible miracle. He is so prepare! Pres and his wife wnat to come to his baptism on Jan 2 too! :) Maybe we can celebrate at Max's again haha ;)

Sunday night we taught Mark and he is loving everything and doing so great! His testimony and prayers are so strong! They gave us a ride out to our farthest area Tamurong. It was way in the bukid, and we taught the Anchetta family. Regardless of the distance they are so active and strong and an amazing example of true conversion. 

Ok I love you all dearly! Woah that was a long one! Just a full week of fun and happiness and hard work :)!!!! sige mahal kita!!!! have a happy week! Im bringing you all a rainbow chick home haha! Those are being sold in the market haha! (the pics)

Ingat hangang sa darating lingo,
sister Owen

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