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Friday, June 10, 2016

Fun Pics from the Philippines

stars they have everywhere for christmas this was in the hidden garden last pday its a garden and has the best halo and empanadas there

eah chirstmas time in ilocos sur

oh dad ilocano is way diff than spanish andtagalog and EVERYONE speaks it yeah haha hard but ok they get tagalog too and the lord blesses me :)

run to the beach and we went this morning as a dirtrict (forogot my camera though)

1: at the beach on pday last week cool pic of badges

2:at the Tilladas teaching Sis. Tilladas 4 kids who got baptized last year and we are working on sis t :) the girl in the middle with peace sign is Genel she is 14 (the other is their friend grace)

3:at Mark Darwins house with his cousins and fam doing the "Pabebe" wave the famous hand sign here for like being "cute" or "girlish" haha pero now its bawal (not allowed) to do hand signs in the mish this was taken before ;) 

Thats Mark Darwin Loang in the back hes THE BEST and getting baptized Dec19th :))))) YEAH!!!!! Nick he is 15 and turning 16 on dec 13th yeah!!! 
So you gotta find him on insta and FB and befriend him! You two are going to be best friends i'm so excited!

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