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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week 1 MTC

Awh no time so sry no pics this week but hey I’ve got 5 weeks so its ok! 

So this week I saw Lindsey Heap at the temple walk Sunday so fun and random! Also, Hilly, there was a bat in the gym hahahah! Also learned why we have so many hahaha's in our letteres bc in the MTC you’ve got to learn to laugh in the Lords work you have to bc its SO hard but we endure with Faith and must laugh to know we aren’t perfect and have a good time! Its hard learning tagalog but so fun and our focus is on the people then we are able to have that driving desire to endure! 

I’ve learned so so so much this week on the Atonement and Baptism and Enduring to the end! It’s not just for a while but its our daily efforts to be a disciples of Christ! Each Day! By actions that shows our faith ::) James 2:17!!!!
Also we finished with our first investigator Jodi shes in the pics she’s THE BEST! So sweet and now is our teacher! This weeks been amazing! sister Giles is so Awseome! I love her and its cool how we go to plan a lesson and the spirit guides us and we both feel the same need for the investigator! Also our district is #1~!!!!! BEST EVER :)! Its so much fun we laugh a lot! 

I LOVE TAGALOG! Sobra Mabuti!!! As hard a it is its so fun! We got into grammer and it makes it so much easier well not so mcuh hahahah! 

I hope you are all doing fantastic! Hows life at home boys!? Have fun taling tmrw! sister Giles and I are teaching Relief Society whooohoo! And then we meet our new investigator Marlan (our other teacher bro Brodhead) (our teachers are faux invegstiators yes)

Well, um the MTC is great! Idk what else to say!
Jsut know this is the greatest time ever everyday is such a blessing and a blast!!!! 
Its so fun we have so many mesa people here too! 

I know that baptism is the first step of faith in coming unto Christ.  that this is a life long pursuit an eternal endurance and that we must strive each day to endure! That it will be hard but the atonement was made to give us strentgh we CAN NOT accomplish what we are sent here to do Without the Atonemetn! Remeber this! Read the Book of Mormon Daily, apply what you read, PRAY often, and act in Faith~! Study the attributes of Christ, keep coventants and go to the temple often! We get to go in an 2 hours yay!!!!! Love you! I know the Lord loves you and is watching over you all! He is so invested in our lives let him in and let him guide you! It takes lots of humility but its possible as we strvie each day :)! 

cool experience (karanasan): We had Elder Gereal Causse of the seventy speak on Tues and he played a rendidtion at the end of mettting closing song and I felt that German was there and also great nana and that the veil was very thin the spirit was stong and I thought how incedible that this call of mission work extends beyond the veil and is happening  that they too are part of the army of Helaman and they are watching over us! I love them and prayed to German that he would accept this gospel truth and know he indeed has. :) What a blessing to feel of this stong spirit here! 

Mahal Kita!!!!! MAHAL MAHAL MAHAL!!!!!

Ingat Pamillya til next week,
Sister Owen

sry for bad typing might ned to touch up some!

PS   Thank you Hunts for dear elder letter, Sis Ellsworth for package :), and Brother Laurent for the compuss

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