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Friday, June 10, 2016

Lots of Pics from my first Week in the Philippines

so I am going to do this in pictures sort of bc i have a million! but firstIll say a few things!

So this week was incredible! Full of miracle! WE met lots of members, our fellow shippers, LAs, and lots of new investigators! We are so stoked to be here this area is amazing! The Lord is leading us to accomplish His work. so this week guess what amily... I TRIED BALOT hahaha...haawheeehhhh... It was NASTY! hahahaha ya sry i wouldnt recommend it :/ haha! Its pretty nasty! 
We also had lumpia and grahm cake those are amazing! 
We had one investigator at church hes so cute he is getting baptized on the 28th and can only get off work sunday so we teach him after church so thats pretty perfect :)! Hius name is mark darwin he is 14 and reminds me of Junior. Hes so cute and humble and loves the gospel plus his cousins are in the ward! :)
Sister CEcil fellowshipped with us she helps me with tagalog and is the sweetest! We are teaching a nanay (gma) named florida who is so excited everyotime we visit... there are so many incredibly prepared and wonderful people here you just have to pray in faith and work really hard and the Lord will provide!

Ok here are the pics:

food on the plane ride to PHI from LA

president trask and his wife. this man inspired me and changeed the way i looked at and do missioarny wrok hes amazing!

it’s Christmas here !

All the new Vigan Sister and Elders i came with 

Eating at Chow Kings, the big restaurant like Mickyd’s but Phi food

  the cutest little boy who loves the americanos

  at the gewenwich cafe where they have itaslian food or well kind of haha its like fake cheese idk what that stuffs made of but awh it tasted good haha! grabbe weird falvors.
i also ate dragon fruit, and mangos, good stuff here :)

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