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Friday, June 10, 2016


So about the Ugali thing, that means attitude and it is mine and Sister Veas motto for our kasamahan (companionship :) We also come back to that! We are stoked to bein Vigan to help in building Zion dito. No matter the predetermine rumors of the area or the people, we know with the strength of the Lord we can build Zion and unify this Vigan 2 Branch :)! It's all about your ugali because that reflect your faith in Christ. Mom i remember when we were driving on a trip in Utah once and everyone was complaining about something i cant remember but what i remember is when you said "hey if you just have a good attitude and choose to be happy you whole day will be fun" I  didn't believe you but then i decided to see and so i sat up in the car and smiled and said its a good day in my head, that was the day we went ice blocking on the hills in sugar house and had such a blast in sugarhouse park (is that what its called)! It was a great day indeed and it was all in my attitude :) So thank you for helping me to come to know that and being such an amazing example of this. Its a principle so vital to missionary work and staying focused :)

okim giving  up on punctuation and the such because who has time for that haha. Well i hope this letter will make sense then...? haha no ill try my best :)!

So sorry about the unfinished or small letters of the past weeks. Its hard to fit this all in when the computers work so slow too. Thank you Sonbrang Samalamt para lahat mga emails from eveyone :)!! It relaly lifts my spirit especially the pics its good to see your smiling faces!

This week has been a learning lesson, well actually everyday is haha! the mission is sobrang hard, everyday... but at the end of the day I smile and laugh with my companion and we update our records and the spirit reassures me that its all for the Kingdom of God! Woah... this is a great a marvelous work that i dont even fully comprehend but little by little i am seeing just how incredible and real it is. President Holland says 'This is the closest to reality you will Ever get"  I love being able to do His work, to be on His team, to be in His hands, going His way, in this i know all things will work out and the blessings are forever. 

So an AWESOME experience this week. On WednesdayWe had Elder Haynie (in the Phi area presidency and spoke in General conference just this month) come and do a mission Tour here (basically talk to all us Laoag missionaries and see a few houses and areas. Ours didtn get checked pero we got to go to Laoag for a day and hangout with the ilocos norte missionaries! It was so fun bc i got to see all my elders from provo! We laughed and talked about how we are all struggling and the language is insane haha good to know we are in this together! Elder Haynie really taught us how to get more Baptisms (even though its not about the #s, it is about saving souls, and gathering zion) And we dont know who that is so we have to Open Your Mouths (OYM). He was very sweet and the spirit was so strong, it was incredibly strong and I felt a bit of heaven there. I felt the spirit just pouring out on me have come to know even more the calling ive been given, the gifts and strength that ive been promised. I am not here working blindly or alone, no we are here working with God working with His army and His angels. We have the whole church with us. The Kingdom of God on Earth ruled by the greatest being in the universe our heavely father. We are guided and lead by him and blessed by him. He loves us and His love is perfect and the center of it ALL!and i dont know if everyone was feeling it but the personal revelation of the who are father in heaven is and his son and the holy ghost, and even our dear heavenly mother was so special. I know they are with us here. They live and this is their plan. There is a greater work going on and if we strive to come unto Christ everyday well come to know of this more and more everyday!

Well, its been getting faster, the time that is, but it does feel like ive been away for a long time haha! We actually got back from Laoag on wed night and had to go back thurs morning bc Sister staples our STL had dengue fever (shes from sandy btw and went to ALta). It was so sad, one for her adn two bc we didnt get to work. Pero all is good our works is progressing each week we are getting to know the ward and l love them all so much and fellowshipping and its just wonderful :) My favorite fellowshipperis Sister Cecil shes so sweet and loves working with us! I also love the Branch president Pres Piddad we got to have dinner at his house on Friday for Elder gibbons bday our District leader it was masarap! 

well... :)
Family Friends I love you all! Have a great week! And Help others come unto Christ! :) Find JOY in all you do by putting Jesus first, Others second, and then You :)! Pray and talk to your Heavenly Father everyday. I Invite you all to Pray for an opportunity to share the gospel this week! Pray openly and with real intent (meaning you desire to act when he time comes) and I know heavenly father will send you that oppurtunity :)!

Mahal na Mahal Ko Kayo!!!! 
Ingat! :)
Sister Owen

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