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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week 4 MTC

This week was wonderful! It was filled with So many incredible moments. Simple pure and beautiful moments. 

First, we had Lloyd Newell ( yes infact the man who is the voice for the motab and the spoken word and confernece) come and speak to us on sunday for our Devo. IT WAS AWESOME! We called it MTC and the spoken word! And us in the choir got to sing all the songs! SO POWERFUL! My favorite was How Firm a Foundation !!!!!  ( So the "Spirit of god like a fire as burning" in all our hearts! The room was just moving with incredible power of music and words and literally I could feel the power of the armys of God in the world! We are of that army let us fight valiantly everyday! 

"I stand all amazed at the Love Jesus offers me" is probably a good phrase to describe this week!
Craig Cardon spoke in our Tues devo on Gathering of Israel and we sang Behold! A Royal Army (did you know the text was written and the music for that song by two Blind people its an INcredible story you should read about :)! this is the time, Israel is being gathered its quite a remarkable realization! 

This week my spiritual eyesight has really been opened to many things and the spirit has been so strong. I am learning more about my weakness and the Lords strengthening power. How the spirit speaks to me and how simply it does so. Im always looking for a deep feeling or powerful maifestation yet we should live everyday in the spirit. It is suppose to be our constant companion and so we need to let it be that. Its like a friend that never leaves, it gladens our heart, and lifts our spirit, it helps us look up to God and look out to his Children. It guides us to become all God intends for us to be, and testifies to us truth and beauty. It calms and protects us from harm and hard times. It allows us to be strenthened through the atonement and have the Love of God in our lives. (read Acts 4:1 & John 17:3 & then go to the TG and go to holy Ghost, mission of and youll have yourself a mighty fine script study! promise :)! ) 

Alright,so also we have the best district of all districts ever haha I LOVE THEM! we have the best times and have the deepest moments its awesome! It definitely makes this MTC repetitive sched a lot better! 

Kaloob ng mga wikas karanasan (gift of tongues experience):
This week we had what they call TRC for the second time where we teach members sa tagalog jsut normal lessons almost like a mini 20 min visiting teaching. Its really cool! We ve come to learn that the more you get to know and love these people the more theyll opene up and the spirit will guide us to say presisly waht they need its remarkable! (zander what you were talking about definetly manifested) We taught this dear lady we call her Nanay Konishi (mama konishi). Shes from south Philippines and is the sweetest spirit now lives here in orem. So we got to know her and began to talk about how God loves her and then went into faith and she jsut started crying and at first i thought we offended her and was like oh no... then she said "before i came I was thinking how i could have more faith to not be like Lots wife so i never look back and I was praying and as your speaking this has been an answer to my prayers"... then the tears began to fall from our eyes and we began to teach by the spirit! It was the spirit of  God speaking through us and thats the greatest feeling as a missionary to literally feel that power of testify by the power of God! We need not worry or be afraid for the Lord God is with us he will stand by us and guide us and direct us everyday as we submit to his will and keep his commandments! What a glorious promise and one I see everyday here! 

Ok well we are overon time eek! Pero I want to end (tapos na) with my testimony sa tagalog!

Alam ko po na totoo ebanghelyo ni Jesucristo. Alam ko po na may po kami pagmahal Diyos. At alam ko po na po kami anak ng dioys at diyos pakibasbasan po tayo kung po tayo susudan halimbawa si jesucristo. Alam ko po na pamillya ko and eternal.alama ko po na and Aklat Ni Mormon sa salita ng Diyos, at magbabasa ng ANM araw-araw po tayo lumapit kay cristo at diyos at maramdaman ng Espirirtu santo.

Mahal Kita pamillya!
Mayroon Maganda Lingo!!!!

Sister Owen!

Tara Na!
ps dont google trnslate bc its prob really wrong hahh love you!

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