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Friday, June 10, 2016

Warmth of the Spirit...or the Sun

Not a lot of time and a whole lot of feelings. To make it short there was a historical worldwide missionary conference this week that was basically a training for the armies of God from Elder Bednar, elder Oaks, and others of the 70. I Learned so and sister padillo and I are really using these teaching to be the greatest missionaries God called us to be. I Love how through the atonement we are blessed with the spirit and by the psirirt we can know the truth of all things and recieve the gifts we need to accomplish Gods will for us. His plan is the greatest, its unto Salvation and its full od Happiness! Never forget whose you really are and where you are trully heading. And may each day each choice be determined by that eterenal goal! Love you all may the power Atonement of Jesus Christ change your life each day into something more beautiful than you can ever imagine!

Sister Owen

Kalimuten mo and sarili at magwork!!!!! :)

riding the korong korong with president and the YM leader brother Gerald to go to our investigators Chirstian (16) and Kristine (14) to give their gma who has overy cancer it was an incredible experience. Then we got to teach them. 

thanks mom love the cap
they get water from the wells hear :)

saw sister vea for th last time before she leaves next tranfer :'( at the conference

proselyting finding teaching in the Forrest glades i wander :)

the hanging bridge of bamboo in Payas one of the "towns" in our area

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