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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week 5 MTC - Tagalog

What a week. A longer weirder harder week, but filled with great blessings and personal growth!

Sunday Night we watch the Open your Mouth video from elder Holland! It Was Incredible! He is AMAZING! Awh seriously almost every page of the Book of Mormon has some type of OYM scripture. My favorite he shared is JSH 1:17 you all know it as Joseph Smiths prayer the first vision (recognize how satan with his limited ability in stopping the restoration of the gospel did the one thing closest to killing or stopping Joseph that he could... He Bound his tongue... How interesting that that is a testimony to the power and importance of our words! of Opening our Mouth! 

Tuesday we were delighted to have Claudio R.M. Costa (the Pres of the 70, could be our next apostle??? interesting to think? :) HES INSPIRING & kept telling us how much He loves the missionaries! He spoke on us being latter day Heroes! :) I thought how I am saving people but in a much greater scale, I'm saving their souls! We Need to have a burning Desire for the Salvation of the souls of the children of God! Also again CHoir was INCREDIBLE :)! we sang  Jesus, Once of Humble Birth. I invite you to go read the words of that incredible song and think of your Savior and your relationship with him and see what the spirit tells you to do or change or act on. Come closer to you Savior Jesus Christ Everyday! Brother Aggett the MTC choir director is one of the most in-tune people i have EVER met I can imagine a life devoted to church music organization would make a person so. But He brings this overwhelming spirit to the choir every week in his stories and experiences he shares. He shared with us an expereience where an apostle met the Lord Jesus Christ himself in the temple. As he related the story to us an indescribable feeling hit me. I felt, as i feel now in recalling this experience, The reality of such events. The reality of it back in the sacred grove and the reality of it today. More than ever, I felt the reality and presents of my Savior in my life and feel overwhelmed to know He Lives, He is Here, He has Risen and we must Come to Him. Walk with Him, Be like Him, always Remember Him! My testimony is no longer a faith in my Savior I have gained a personal conversion to this gospel that is an undeniable knowledge of the reality and divinity of my Savior Jesus Christ! A knowledge that I continue to enlarge day by day as I strive to be a better disciple and representative of him. I pray that we might all, everyone of us come to know him as our Savior and Redeemer as The Son of God and as our Brother! That we might gain a conversion so strong that no earthly influence could ever shake us from the eternal truths of the gospel. I love you all and hope you enjoy conference and the words of God through His servants! It was like waking up on Christmas this morning knowing I was going to get to watch conference :) I AM SO EXCITED! It gives us personal revelation as we go prepared to receive it! :) And a little of Heavens view, opening our spiritual eyes! 

I've realized this week how much we have to rely on God Always. Not just when its convenient or when we remember or when we are ready or willing or wanting to, but continually. truthfully this week was hard. I got really sick and had a sore through and fever, nonetheless I have an incredible companion and Heavenly Father who loves me! I was given a blessing by Elder Earnest and Elder Pack of healing and can tell you that this is surely a great and Marvelous work. there words were not there own, they were from my heavenly Father and it was amazing to feel His love and know that we are surrounded by such worthy and wonderful Elders here. The Lords surely works by Small and simple means to bring to pass his Great and Marvelous work! :) Thats something that the world has no comprehension of I feel. 
Well, also we lost some of my best friends this week. 4 of our 9 districts headed to the filed this week, inclusing our roomates. These were some of the greatest friends I've ever met. I love them and miss them! It was definitely hard to say goodbye but I know that Ill see them again and some not until after this life maybe but I await that reunion with so much excitement! 

Another experience we had this week was the oppurtunity to skype a member in the phillipines and teach them for TRC!!!!! IT WAS AMAZING! Sis giles and I skyped Sister Juneth! Her cousin is one of the APs of the Laoag Mission What!? Thats incredible! So mazing to feel of ehr spirit thorugh a skype sesh, her testimony was so strong. She is wathcing GC Live with her sister at 4 AM in thw PHI because its a big deal to go "live"! I love her and pray for her and her cute famiyl! 
It got me sooo stoked to go to the PHI next week AWH!!!! Yay! 

Well, Im fully recuperated and feeling wonderful! Its good to know that I am in my Heavenly Fathers care! that No Matter Waht happens I am in His Hands and so I know all will be well. 
I love you ALL!!! Have Such a great week! I invite you to watch conference seeking personal revelation! I am so grateful for your love and letters and emails! I pray for you all! 

To End Ill teach you some tagalog:
Ingat- Bye
Tara Na! - lets go (cheering on)
kita kits - see ya later
tao po - people (say it instead of knoking) 
mahal kita- loveyou 
Skus po- excuse me or pardon me
magandang gabi- goodnight 
kasama- companion
talaga - really
ng mabalis talaga- real quick
and more next week!

Sister Owen

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